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Christchurch construction companies realised they needed to recruit highly skilled workers from overseas before the city's rebuild gets underway. While the time frame for Christchurch's recovery is still unclear, it is obvious that companies need to ''be pro-active.

A large number of Engineering professional are currently being recruited from the UK and Ireland, where the recession and consequent lack of job opportunities, combined with a similar culture and work practices, makes for a smoother transition. The earthquakes have led to an increase or “mini-boom” for the engineering industry - engineers are in huge demand for inspecting buildings and examining infrastructure. Another huge issue has been finding solutions to the soil liquefaction problem in Christchurch.

Though it is to be expected overseas engineers may need to up-skill on New Zealand specific codes the rebuild of Christchurch and the share magnitude of the project offer opportunities to start experience a new life style with increased demand for the following professionals:

Consulting Engineers
Cost Engineers
Design Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Maintenance Technicians
Manufacturing Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Plant Engineers
Process Engineers
Process Technicians
Project Engineers
Project Managers
Civil Construction Division
Building Services Engineers
Civil / Structural CAD Technician
Civil Designer
Civil Engineer
Geotechnical Engineer
Highway Engineers
Machine Operators
Structural Designer
Structural Engineer
Traffic Engineers

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