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Repairing and replacing buildings and infrastructure following the earthquakes in Canterbury is generating a significant upswing in building and construction which looks set to last for the next five years. This, along with the repairs needed to correct homes that have been identified as ‘leaky buildings’ is going to cause the building and construction workload to rise sharply over the next five years.

This will lead to demand for labour in the industry dramatically increasing over the same period. This can be met by giving priority to training and developing new entrants and the existing workforce, balanced by encouraging skilled migrants in to New Zealand.

While there will be substantial pressure to increase the number of workers in the sector, this will not be allowed to compromise quality standards. This means that the industry as a whole needs to ensure that workers have the appropriate skills, qualifications and experience to work effectively. The sector will need to work hard to make best use of the available labour.

Industry Sectors where a skill shortage has been identified:
Cabinet Makers
Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics
Mechanics and Diesel Mechanics
Painter and Decorators
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics

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