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Recreation and Sports

New Zealand has a strong sports and leisure lifestyle and offers excellent possibilities - its countryside offers limitless possibilities. New Zealanders enjoy playing sport being involved in it or from an armchair. You can explore the outdoors with tramping, skiing and cycling, or take up team sports such as rugby, basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis and netball. New Zealanders are very serious about rugby particularly, and their national team, the All Blacks, are world-renowned and “kiwi’s” are extremely passionate about this.

If you enjoy outdoor recreation sports then you can enjoy some spectacular fishing in New Zealand waters, be it in our lakes, rivers, or our coastline. New Zealand golf courses are of international standard, not at all overcrowded, and charge very reasonable green fees. Most NZ golf courses host the most panoramic views.

Auckland has the highest level of boat ownership per capita in the world and Team New Zealand was twice winner of the Americas Cup, yachting’s most sought after international sporting trophy. Hosting of the 2002 Americas Cup was in the Hauraki Gulf in Auckland.

Bungy jumping, white-water rafting, para-gliding, hang-gliding and skydiving are there for the adventurous throughout New Zealand! Several international extreme sports events have been held in the South Island, where contestants race from one coast to the other across the Southern Alps! New Zealand has an abundance of options for recreation and sports to suit any person.