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NZ Abbrev-Sayings

Maori - indigenous people of New Zealand
Mate - buddy
Motorway - freeway
Naff off - go away, get lost, leave me alone
Nana - grandmother, grandma
Nappy - diaper
North Cape to the Bluff - from one end of New Zealand to the other
OE - Overseas Experience, many students go on their OE after finishing university, see the world
Offsider- an assistant, someone’s friend, as in "we saw him and his offsider going down the road"
Old bomb - old car
Oldies - parents
On the never never- paying for something using layby, not paying straight away
Open slather - a free-for-all
Pack a sad - bad mood, morose, ill-humoured, broken , as in "she packed a sad"
Pakeha- non-Maori person
Panel beater - auto repair shop, panel shop
Pav- pavlova, dessert usually topped with kiwifruit and cream
Perve- to stare
Petrol - gasoline, gas
Piece-of-piss - easy, not hard to do, as in "didn't take me long to do, it was a piece of piss"
Pikelet - small pancake usually had with jam and whipped cream
Piker - someone who gives up easy, slacker
Pinky- little finger Plonk - cheap liquor, cheap wine
Pong - bad smell, stink
Postal code - zip code
Pram - baby stroller, baby pushchair
Pressie- present
Pub - bar or hotel that serves liquor
Pudding - dessert
Pushing up daisies - dead and buried
Quack - Medical doctor
Rark up - telling somebody off
Rattle your dags- hurry up, get moving
Rellies- relatives, family
Ropeable- very angry
Ring - to telephone somebody, as in "I'll give you a ring"
Rubbish - garbage, trash
Rust bucket - decrepit motor car
Scarce as hens teeth - very scarce, rare
Scarfie- university student
Scull - consume, drink quickly
Scroggin- trampers high energy food including dried fruits, chocolate
Serviette - paper napkin
Shandy- drink made with lemonade and beer
Shark and taties- fish and chips
Sheila - slang for woman/female
Shoot through - to leave suddenly
Shout - to treat, to buy something for someone, as in "lunch is my shout"
Sickie - to take Skite- to boast, boasting, bragging
Snarler- sausage
Sook- cry baby, wimp
Sparkie- electrician
Sparrow fart - very early in the morning, sunrise
Sprog - child
Spud - potato
Squiz- take a quick look
Steinie- bottle of Steinlager, brand lager
Strapped for cash - low on cash, no money
Stubby - small glass bottle of beer
Sunday driver - someone who drives very slow
Sunnies- sunglasses
Ta - thanks
Take-aways- food to be taken away and eaten, fast food outlet
Tea - evening meal, dinner
Tights - pantyhose
Tiki tour - scenic tour, take the long route
Togs - swimsuit, bathing costume
Torch - flashlight
Tramping - hiking
Twink- white-out
Ute - small pickup truck
Veges- vegetables
Wally - clown, silly person
Whinge - complain, moan
Wobbly - to have a tantrum
Wop-wops - situated off the beaten track, out of the way location
Yack - to have a conversation with a friend, to talk