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NZ Abbrev-Sayings

Ads – tv commercials, advertisements
Anklebiter- toddler, small child
Aotearoa- Maori name for New Zealand meaning land of the long white cloud
Arvo- afternoon
Bach - holiday home
Banger - sausage, as in bangers and mash
Barbie - barbecue
Big smoke - large town or city
Bit of dag - hard case, comedian, person with character
Bitser- mongrel dog
Bloke - man
Brickie- bricklayer
Brown eye - to flash your naked butt at someone
Boy-racer - name given to a young man who drives a fast car with a loud stereo
Bring a plate - means bring a dish of food to share
Bugger - damn!
Bungy- kiwi slang for elastic strap, as in Bungy Jumping
Caravan - mobile home that you tow behind your car
Cardi- cardigan
Cast - immobilised, unable to get to your feet
Cheers - thanks
Cheerio - goodbye
Cheerio - name for a cocktail sausage
Chocka- full, overflowing
Chook - chicken
Chick - slang word for woman/female
Chips - deep fried slices of potato but much thicker than a french fry
Chippy- builder, carpenter
Chrissypressies- Christmas presents
Chuddy - chewing gum
Cockie- farmer
Cotton buds - Q-tips
Creek - small stream
Crib - bach,
Cuppa - cup of tea, as in cuppa tea
Cuz- cousin, family
De facto - name used for a couple who are not married but are living together
Ding - small dent in a vehicle
Dole - unemployment benefit
Dodgy - bad, unreliable, not good
Down the gurgler - failed plan
Drongo- stupid fool, idiot
Dunny- toilet, bathroom, lavatory
Duvet - quilt, doona
Ear bashing - someone talking incessantly
Entree - appetizer, hors d'oeurve
Fizz Boat - small power boat
Fizzy drink - soda pop
Flannel - wash cloth, face cloth
Flat - apartment, name for rental accommodation that is shared
Flicks - movies, picture theatre
Flog - steal, rob
Footie - rugby union or league, as in "going to watch the footie"
Full tit- going very fast, using all your power, as in "he was running full tit"
G'day- universal kiwi greeting, also spelled gidday
Get the willies - overcome with trepidation
Going bush - take a break, become reclusive
Good on ya, mate! - congratulations, well done, proud of someone
Good as gold - feeling good, not a problem, yes
Greasies- fish and chips
Gumboots or gummies - rubber boots, wellingtons
Handle - pint of beer
Happy as larry- very happy
Hard case - amusing, funny person
Hard yakka- hard work
Hollywood - to fake or exaggerate an injury on the sports field
Home and hosed - safe, successfully finished, completed,
Hoon- Young adult driving fast
Hosing down - heavy rain, raining heavily
Hottie- hot water bottle
How's it going mate? - kiwi greeting
Iceblock- popsicle, Ice Stick
Jandal- thongs, sandals, _ip-_ops,
Judder bar - speed bump
Jumper - sweater, jersey
Kiwi - New Zealander
Kiwifruit - Brown furry skinned fruit, Zespri, Chinese Gooseberry
Kick the bucket - die
Knackered - exhausted, tired, lethargic
Laughing gear - mouth, as in wrap your laughing gear around this.
L&P - Fizzy soda water
Lift - elevator
Lolly - candy
Loo - bathroom, toilet
Long drop - outdoor toilet, hole in ground
Lurgy- flu
Mad as a meat axe - very angry or crazy
Main - primary dish of a meal