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CV Writing Guide


When you are looking for a job, it is very important that you understand how to offer yourself in the best way to an employer.

This is achieved by writing a 'CV' (curriculum vitae - Latin for 'life story'), called in some countries a 'resume'.

Different countries may have different requirements and styles for CV resumes. So you must follow the correct practice for your culture and country. However, we will try to give you important principles and advice.

In New Zealand, most employers and recruiters prefer to see a CV that is 5 pages or less. When listing job titles yours may not be applicable.

For instance the title “Vice President” is not used in New Zealand, so make sure you describe each role in terms of responsibilities, management and authority.
  • Add a thoughtful, forward-thinking statement that shows why you’re considering a move to New Zealand and what you’ll bring to this country
  • References. You will be asked for them so have names and contact details handy. You may even have written references available to forward
Make your CV memorable and easy to follow in terms of your skills and your strengths.


A CV resume is quite simply an 'advert' a chance to sell yourself to a potential employer. You should always send a CV to an employer when they ask for one in a job advert, or when you are enquiring if any jobs are available. The purpose of your CV is to make you attractive to the employer also interesting, useful to the company and so receive a job interview. An employer may have several hundred enquiries about a single job, and from here they will shortlist only a few people who appear suitable for an interview. Therefore, your CV must be as good as you can make it.

Click here for a CV Template